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As well as writing Witty After Dinner Speeches, we also provide low cost DIY speech documents, that will simplify writing your own entertaining speech.

If you have an After Dinner Speech to make, these will be an excellent investment and will enable you to easily construct your own very professional speech. They are available for instant download from the DIY Speech Products page.

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If you are planning on writing your own After Dinner Speech, we guarantee, the 44 x page Directory on its own would be the best £10 you have ever spent. This and all the other products can be purchased for instant download on the DIY Speech Products Page.

After Dinner Speeches

The DIY documents available on the DIY Speech Products page are:

* After Dinner Speech Directory of Humour. 44 x A4 pages of useable jokes, one and two liners, opening comments, general humour and closing lines.

* 27 x A4 pages of Clean Jokes and Humour, plus  8 x A4 pages of Golf Humour and Jokes, ready to paste into your speech.

* 20 x A4 pages of Adult Only Jokes and Humour, plus 8 x A4  pages of Golf Humour ready to paste into your speech.

* Special Offer * A package of All Three After Dinner Speech Products.

Tailor Made After Dinner Speeches

Although I will continue to sell and update documents and back this site up daily, I have other occupations now and have little time to write speeches. This website has been at the top of Google for the search term  ‘After dinner speeches’ for at least 10 years and I would like to invite offers to purchase the domain name and my document packs. If you might be interested, please contact me from the customer service page.

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